Inspections & Procedures

Mold Inspection and Removal

S&M Enterprise NJ, a leading mold inspection and removal company serving residential, commercial and industrial property owners, inspects over 100 points and items including: basement, attic, roof, structural components, plumbing, ac unit ceilings, windows, siding, under sink areas, vents and much more of your property.
A general mold inspection is a visual examination of a home or building's environmental condition to determine if your home has mold or the potential to grow mold in the future.

A Mold inspection includes the following:

Evaluate existing mold damage in the home or building.
Investigate environmental conditions that may cause mold to grow.
Identify items that may need repair or replacement.
Identify moisture intrusion areas and inspect non-visible (in walls) for hidden mold.
Provide clear answers on what type of mold, toxic or not, how much, and why.
Give recommendations based on findings.
Take digital pictures of the susceptive areas.
Assist in your litigation by reporting details, health conditions, and mold counts.
Shed light on identifying if medical aliments are mold related.
Provide a fully detailed report as described below including: finds, lab report, construction defects, potential problems, assessment of existing mold, remediation plan, general recommendations and preventive maintenance moving forward.

Our Reports are the gold standard featuring a comprehensive evaluation of the home or building, a thorough walk-through, sampling of air, substance, or surface, and a complete report, including:
Lab analysis
Remediation steps, if necessary
Environmental guidelines
Digital photos
Exclusive 20 page Toxic Mold Report
Preventive maintenance measures and recommendations

Clients need not be present during the examination, but it is most beneficial if they are in order to understand all of the problems and suggested solutions.

For more information on any our mold and asbestos inspection practices, or to obtain more information about our mold removal, remediation, and testing services including a request for a free estimate, please contact us at (800) 886-4793

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